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A customized property

There is nothing trivial in buying, selling or letting a property. It is a long and delicate operation that requires both preparation and in-depth knowledge of the market, laws and rules of the market. For some, it is a milestone in their lives, for others a well planned investment, or just a way to fulfil a lifelong dream. The Groupe Mobilis is ready to accompany you every step of the way, whatever your aspirations and desires may be. Our experience in the market of prestigious properties and the professionalism of our teams of dedicated men and women will guarantee that you project will be lead in the most satisfactory manner.
Place your trust in our teams, and we will live up to your expectations.

We have the key to all your property dreams.

Alexandre MOISSET
Real estate and excellence: the values and the Mobilis market


The group is born out more than 15 years ago of a common passion from its founders for excellence and services. Specialized in luxury real estate, The Groupe Mobilis agencies offer residences and properties in Paris, France and internationally.

Fortified by our recognised knowledge in selling and rental, we developped different specialized departments, in order to bring individualized answers to each requirement of our clients.
In Mobilis, no compromise is allowed on the quality. We represent the finest and most accomplished real estate, that's why we pay close attention to perfection and details: from the property to the service, our willing for excellence makes us differents.
Real estate and excellence: the values and the Mobilis market

Mobilis market

The Groupe Mobilis is present in Paris and France, but also in dozen countries all over the world. Because innovation is impossible without audacity and risk taking, the Groupe Mobilis priority is to develop its network and the favours provided to its clients. Recognized for the quality of its services and its thoroughness, the Groupe Mobilis teams and partners will fulfill all your demands. Its 18.000 clients in database assure you an access to the most exclusive active clientele.
Real estate and excellence: the values and the Mobilis market

The values of Mobilis

Since more than 15 years, the Groupe Mobilis is devoted to one occupation: luxury real estate. It's above all else by passion for the service.
The Groupe Mobilis shares with its staff values of confidentiality, reactivity and availability.
The Groupe Mobilis foresees its clients demands thanks to a global service and a made to measure experienced marketing strategy.
The search for perfection has always been our first motivation and is still the driving force of  group constructed on the efficiency and the talent of its staff.
Our ethical principles make our culture and build our reputation.